In today’s society, a college education is more important than ever, and there is no shortage of institutions in this region for students to choose from, but how many of these institutions have a student service system that help students stay interested, and active?

Student involvement in the campus community is vital to a successful college life. Prospective students don’t want to attend an institution where they will be isolated, and have nothing to do but study. While it’s true that students are looking for a good education, without an invigorating environment, learning won’t be possible.

When students are involved and engaged, they feel like they are a part of something. This sense of belonging fosters loyalty and pride in their institution, as well as academic achievement, and community involvement, and that is what we are hoping to achieve from this project.

MEDAWEL’s objective is to provide Higher Education Institutions in the Southern Neighboring Area with a holistic approach for observing and improving student services through targeted planning and development action on institutional, national and regional levels.

It is most important that students in universities have an enhanced and complete university experience; one that helps them grow, improve, learn and create. University is a huge part of a person’s life as a young adult, and there is no question that it is of vital importance to have a good student service system in every university that gives students a chance to participate in public services, artistic, athletic, and social programs, and completes students' experiences.

The objective of this project will be achieved through creating a supportive environment for students to develop and succeed throughout the entire student life cycle, promote individual student excellence, and challenge students to take responsibility as members of a diverse and global community.