Q. What is MEDAWEL?

MEDAWEL provides HEIs in SNA with a holistic approach to student services (SS) for increased student wellbeing and applicable service offers via targeted planning and development on institutional, national and regional levels, in line with national goals and regional Tempus priorities.

Q. Who do MEDAWEL support?

MEDAWEL is dedicated to students, promoting their involvement in decision making and needs analysis from a national student survey.

Q. What is the major outputs of MEDAWEL?

Major outputs: benchmarking analysis guide, training modules, stakeholder mapping, heightened national focus including action plans, increased student involvement, service menu and creation of services.

Q. What is the role of MEDAWEL Executives?

The direction of MEDAWEL is set by deans of students' affairs in the partner universities whose responsibility it is to further the services and influence of MEDAWEL.



The Aims & Objectives of MEDAWEL

Q. What is the objectives of MEDAWEL?

    Sustainably strengthen capacities in 8 SNA HEIs for SS implementation and
    development via training actions and service development, widening service offer
    and implementing strategic thinking by end 2015.
    Create a platform for dialogue via national round-tables and a network for SS to
    exchange good practice, identify needs and weaknesses and develop action plans.
    Give a voice to the student populous to ensure the applicability of offered services
    via student surveys, develop a transparent culture of dialogue and teamwork for
    SS issues.


About Medawel

In today’s society, a college education is more important than ever, and there is no shortage of institutions in this region for students to choose from, but how many of these institutions have a student service system that help students stay interested,